The Automatic Firmware Updates solution for Xerox Multifunction Printers provides automatic updates without partner or customer intervention.  Updates are performed sequentially in order of approved firmware versions.  All settings are kept at the device. Updates are performed of the evenings or during non-business hours.

Firmware Connect App

For devices on ConnectKey version 1.5 (072) or later, the recommended method of installation of the Automatic Firmware Updates solution is by the Firmware Connect App. With the app, the solution is installed in a matter of seconds.

  • To download the app (weblet), click here.  You will need your key provided to you by Southern Solutions.
  •  For step by step instructions, click here to download our installation presentation.

Installation via the Web Interface

For Xerox devices on ConnectKey version 1 (071), the Automatic Firmware Updates Solution is installed via the web interface (onsite or remotely). You will need your username and password provided to you by Southern Solutions.

  • For a one-sheet quick installation document with instructions for installing via the Web Interface, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions of our app help desk:

  • Will automatic firmware updates start the first night after installation?
    • Our back-end system rotates though firmware so it may not pick up the first night but it will pick up in coming days and then updates sequentially and then updates the first night after an update is available.
  • Do DNS network settings need to be entered on the Xerox MFP? 
    • Just like with Scan to Email (if email is not hosted onsite), 3rd party solutions and other apps, the DNS network settings must be entered on the Xerox MFP for the Automatic Firmware Updates Solution to work.
  • Why will the Firmware Connect App not install on my ConnectKey device which has firmware versions 09101, 09100 or 14107?
    • On certain devices that have ConnectKey shipping firmware, and, we have seen an issue. Not all devices that have this firmware version are affected.  The current solution to this issue is to manually upgrade the device to Spar or or newer. This update takes approximately 30 minutes.  Once manually updated, the Firmware Connect app can be installed and future firmware updates will be automatic.  This is reviewed in greater depth in our Installation Q&A (link below).

To download our Installation Q&A document that covers several items, click here.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime by email or by calling 301-632-5555 x 5.