Organizations are often concerned with recovering from a natural disaster, fire, flood, or network attack and continuing normal business operations.  Southern Solutions works with small businesses, non-profits and religious organizations in Southern Maryland in setting up BCDR or Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

Techopedia defines BCDR as this: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR or BC/DR) is a set of processes and techniques used to help an organization recover from a disaster and continue or resume routine business operations. It is a broad term that combines the roles and functions of IT and business in the aftermath of a disaster.

Southern Solutions has several solutions that assist with BCDR.

  • Redundant Offsite Backup: With our Redundant Offsite Backup, documents from your office are encrypted and securely backed up to 2 locations.  The data can be accessed on a secure website.  We provide versions of documents so a previous version of a document before changes were made can be retrieved. This ensures your data is always secure, available and accessible.
  • Email Security: With our Email Security, we include a website where all of your email is stored and accessible should your main email server go down.   Email first passes through our security filter and is held and accessible should you not have access.
  • Network Security: The best offense to recovering from network attacks is a good defense with our Network Security.  We provide advanced protection at the point the internet enters your network and protect against viruses, Trojans, key loggers and other malware.  We also provide wireless protection which safeguards your network from potential threats from devices connected to your network wirelessly (this is an often overlooked vulnerability).  Our Network Security will also switch internet between multiple internet service providers should one fail.  This provides redundancy in internet.
  • Local NAS Backup: Our Local NAS Backup provides the fastest recovery for a critical device such as a server, cash register, dispatch computer or any device vital to operations.  We continually clone the main device so we can bring it back up very quickly on a different device should the main one fail.

As every organization is different, we have also created custom plans and solutions for customers for disaster recovery that fits their needs.

About Southern Solutions:

Southern Solutions is a technology company based in Southern Maryland, specializing in providing Xerox office equipment, Network/IT Solutions, Print Solutions and custom Xerox application solutions.  Through our partnership with Xerox, we directly manage nearly 1,000 printing units in Southern Maryland.   We are currently managing over 40 networks in Southern Maryland and providing IT Support to many more.   Through our Print Management Solution, we directly fulfill the toner and supplies for over 1.7 million pages produced every month in Southern Maryland.  Through our Partner Services, we customize and host Xerox apps for Xerox partners around the globe.

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