People often dread being put in charge of the office holiday party as they must come up with Christmas Games everyone will enjoy. Following are some games that may be used to ensure the party is a success.

The Guessing Game
Place ornaments on the Christmas tree. As people enter the party, ask them to make a guess as to how many ornaments are there. Write their guess down with their name. At the end of the party, determine who is the winner and award them a small prize.

A Holiday Story
Have all guests take part in creating a Holiday story. Have one person start the story by making up a sentence that includes one or more holidays words. The host is often the one to kick this off and then moves around the room asking each person to add another sentence. This is often good for laughs as a person cannot know what the participant before or after them will come up with. The story can be quite entertaining when it is done.

Name That Tune
This popular game show may now be modified for an Office Party. Bring in a device capable of playing music and only play the first few notes of a Christmas carol. See who can come up with the right tune first. Be sure to mix popular tunes with ones that are more obscure to determine who is crowned the king or queen of holiday songs. The person who is able to name the most tunes receives a prize.

Add some physical activity to the party by playing a game of limbo. This game is played by the traditional rules and the person who goes the lowest ends up with a prize. Use a backpack stuffed with gifts and attach it to the limbo stick as this can be the prize the winner takes home.

These are only a few of the many games that can be played at an office holiday party. Be sure to include a wide range of game types so everyone can take part in the fun. Some people avoid games involving physical activity and others don’t think fast enough to take part in a game like Name That Tune. With a diverse set of options, everyone has fun.