Southern Solutions, a leading provider of Xerox partner hosted services announces the launch of their Firmware Management solution.  With this solution, the firmware (systems software) on many Xerox models is updated automatically.  Most copiers have 3-4 new firmware versions released every year to fix security issues, operational issues or new compatibility issues (such as updates for scan to email to work with Yahoo email, Gmail or Office 365 once they have done an update as has been observed many times in the past). Some updates are to add new functionality.  It has always been a challenge for partners to update the firmware on their customers’ devices.   It traditionally has been a manual process and someone onsite had to initiate the process.  Sometimes a customer would attempt to correct an issue and update the firmware themselves.  Automatic firmware updates:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Decrease service calls
  • Decrease partner workload as updates can often take an hour to perform on-site

When Xerox releases a new firmware version, Southern Solutions fully tests the firmware. When Southern Solutions approves a new firmware version for release, updates are overnight.  Settings are kept at the device.  If the customer turns their device off overnight, updates can be scheduled for lunchtime or a time that is convenient for them.

For a list of eligible Xerox products for automatic firmware updates, click here.

In addition to automatic updates, Southern Solutions’ Firmware Management solution includes access to previous firmware versions and the latest firmware for other Xerox models as well.  Click here for a listing of models supported.  Partners can also save customers’ clone files for easy retrieval of product configuration settings.  Having quick access to this information will decrease the resolution time on a support call.

Southern Solutions has a forum where support and the latest information on firmware will be shared.  Partners can subscribe to the forum and get answers to their questions directly from our staff.

Contact us at anytime for more information on our Firmware Management solution.