Many effective processes we use everyday seem to be tried and true.  In the video below, Joshua Justice explains how the Contact Us App and Automatic Firmware Updates will improve the customer experience.

With the Contact Us App, customers can request service and supplies from the Xerox partner directly on the Xerox ConnectKey user interface. Customers can also order free Xerox Eco Boxes for easy return and recycling of supplies and provide feedback.  Partners can communicate with their customers in real-time by sharing rotating pictures, important messages or new product & service announcements.  Since the app is hosted, updates can be made available at anytime to all installed apps.

Every manufacturer regularly releases new firmware versions to fix security issues, operational issues, or new compatibility issues.  As the world becomes more complicated and keeps tightening up security, Xerox has to release new firmware versions to remain compatible with 3rd party email servers such as google and Office 365 for example. Automatic firmware updates increase customer satisfaction, increase equipment reliability, increase equipment & network security, decrease service calls and decrease partner workload.

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