Southern Solutions provides network & IT solutions to small businesses, non-profits and organizations in Southern Maryland.  We specialize in proactive support and cloud based solutions to help increase office efficiency.  Take a look at the stats for the network solutions we provide below.


We provide a variety of network & IT solutions to 38 businesses in Southern Maryland.   With most of these we provide full network management and act as your very own IT department for a fraction of the cost of a full time IT professional.


Southern Solutions monitors and manages 159 workstations.  With our monitoring agent, we are alerted to potential issues and can correct them before they stop you.   With our workstation management, we provide updates and antivirus and malware protection.


We actively monitor and maintain 29 servers in a variety of environments and the servers have several different types of operating systems.  We provide updates, anti-virus and malware protection, 3rd party application support and internet service provider support.   With our server management, servers can be located onsite or in the cloud.


We provide our redundant offsite backup solution to 34 customers.   Documents and files are backed up to our office in Waldorf and then again to a secure location.   Changes to files are backed up instantly.  With our solution, your data is always available, backed-up and accessible.

Email Security

Southern Solutions provides protection for 135 email accounts in Southern Maryland.  Our email security solution provides protection for inbound and outbound email communications from outside threats.  We have a web portal to access your email even if your email server goes down and a safe senders list to ensure you get the email you want.

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