Three years ago, we began providing additional networking & IT services at Southern Solutions.  Through our Managed Network Services, we are currently managing many customers’ networks in Southern Maryland.  We have added additional Network Technicians to handle this growing portion of our business.

Southern Solutions began offering network & IT solutions because we saw a need for responsive, customer service focused network support for companies in Southern Maryland.   In 2012, we had 95% customer retention with our Xerox office equipment customers because of our outstanding customer service and service support (industry average is 67%).  We have brought the factors that make us successful in keeping satisfied Xerox customers to the network side of our business.  In 2012, we had 100% customer retention with our network & IT solutions customers.

With our Managed Network Services, we proactively manage your network and most of the time correct problems before they occur.  Many vendors only offer reactive support which can be more costly and create customer dissatisfaction.  For 5% of the cost of having a full-time IT professional in house, you can have your own IT Department with Southern Solutions!   Services we offer include:

  • Network Management
  • Workstation & Server Management
  • Redundant Off-Site Back-Up
  • Network Security
  • Email Security
  • And many other customized services

For more information on our Network/IT Solutions and service overview videos, click here.