Throughout the last month, Southern Solutions has been working on updates to our website to improve information sharing.   18 months ago, we launched a new website with goal of being more interactive and able to display current and fresh information in a simplified manner.  We hope you will find the latest improvements beneficial in learning about our products and services and how they can benefit your office.

Video Stream to Service Pages – On our Network & IT Solutions, Print Management Solutions & Technical Services pages, we have added a video stream of related videos to better familiarize you with our offerings.

services videos

New Products Added to Product Catalog – We have added our latest and greatest copier & printer products to our product catalog.  In addition, we have listed our most popular products in the first 2 rows.   This represents 90% of the units we are currently selling to customers in Southern Maryland.  Just like before, you can sort criteria on the right hand side to find a specific model to meet your needs.   Every product has a short overview video that displays the capabilities of the unit.


New Client Testimonials – Southern Solutions is honored and thankful to have received so many testimonials from our customers.  We have added the latest ones we have received on our Client Testimonials page.


These are just a few of the enhancements we have made.  Please send us suggestions for future improvements and ways we can better present information to you.