Southern Solutions has received great feedback from Xerox partners who have signed up with our Firmware Management which includes automatic firmware updates for many Xerox models.  Automatic firmware updates increase customer satisfaction, increase equipment reliability, decrease service calls and decrease partner workload as updates can often take an hour to perform on-site.  Check out some of some of the comments we have received below.

I just wanted to send you a little note telling how the firmware management tool has changed our Xerox landscape here in central Wyoming.   Before the tool we had machines at all different levels of firmware and the techs never knew if the problem with the machine was caused by firmware or hardware.  This made each call take longer than it needed.   Now all of our machines are on the same firmware version therefore the techs know that firmware is not the problem and we have seen a drop in the number of call backs for service.   Your team has been amazing to work with.   They sent me a very simple to implement set of instructions and I was able to unroll the implementation rather quickly.   The added bonus to the program is the forum that was setup to allow firmware sharing thoughts and ideas.   This is handy to discuss what the good/stable versions of firmware are to make sure my machines all have them.   My customers have all loved the idea that we have taken a proactive approach to making sure their machines have the correct version with the most up to date security.   Thanks to you Josh and your team for making this possible.

Mike McKenna, Atlas Reproduction (Casper, WY)

I recently met with a prospect discussing the Xerox WorkCentre 5945.  Out of all the new features, the IT manager was most excited about the automatic firmware updates solution we provide through Southern Solutions.  Having updates automatically performed during the evening would decrease the downtime (and loss of productivity) this customer currently experiences with manual updates during office hours.

Bridget Ketcham, Delmarva Document Solutions (Salisbury, MD)

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