Michael Eaton attended the Xerox Personalized Application Builder Program last week in Rochester, NY and came back to Southern Maryland with a lot of great ideas and knowledge.  Michael has already developed a rough draft of a customized application we are working on for the Xerox ConnectKey devices. This app includes the service & supply contact information for your copier.  When you touch our logo, it even takes you to our website.   This is a work in progress and is not the finished product.   We felt you may like to see the potential of personalized applications for your Xerox MFP.  These customized applications will be designed to increase communication and simplify workflow.

Below is a quick video demonstration and additional screen shots.

Main Home Screen on Xerox MFP Control Panel-

photo 6

By pressing the Southern Solutions logo app, a customized contact us screen opens-

photo 3


By pressing the Southern Solutions logo at the top, we have customized the app to open our website-

photo 4

photo 2


Contact us today for additional information and for your suggestions for customized apps!