The week is the 50 year anniversary of National Small Business Week.  Half of all working Americans either own or work for a small business.   I know from my own experience that owning a small business can present challenges and can also be very rewarding.   One thing is for certain, it takes hard work, dedication and a clear vision to be successful.

Southern Solutions was established in 2006 as the authorized Xerox Sales agency in Southern Maryland.   In 2010, we began offering technical product support, Print Management Solutions and Network/IT Solutions directly from Southern Solutions.  We now have 546 customers, provide support through our Direct Channel or Xerox Channel for 869 Xerox copier/printer/multifunction units, provide monthly Network/IT Solutions to 26 customers and directly manage over a million prints per month for our customers through our Print Management Solution.   We are very appreciative of the support the Southern Maryland community has shown us in allowing us to grow our small business.

I encourage you to always consider a small business when looking for a product or service.   If you are looking for a particular offering that our company does not provide, feel free to contact me and I can recommend one of our many small business customers.


Joshua Justice

President, Southern Solutions