As servers and workstations age, Microsoft ends support & providing updates and recommends upgrading hardware with new operating system software that has the latest in functionality and security protection.  JustTech also recommends keeping hardware current with technology and developing a refresh schedule.

  • Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2003 in 2015 and we still see many of these in establishments.  It is critical that these devices be upgraded.
  • Microsoft Support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server S008 R2 ended in July 2019 and these devices should be upgraded immediately.
  • Microsoft Extended support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 ends in January 2020 and clients should make a transition plan now.
  • Support for Windows 7 on workstations ends in January 2020 and clients should also make a transition plan now for these computers.

In general, servers should be replaced every 5 years, laptops should be replaced every 2-3 years and desktop computers every 3-5 years.  Developing a Computer Refresh Strategy with clients can allow for the clients to budget for this necessary expense and have no surprises.
Why Develop and Manage a Server & Computer Refresh Strategy?

  • Preventing Hardware Failures – If you have hardware that is not supported by the manufacturer, then it is a ticking time bomb ready to shut you down for a period of time if it does crash until we can get you a brand-new device.  Developing a schedule for device replacement increases uptime and productivity.
  • Effective Budgeting – Knowing you are going to have an expense every year is better than being surprised by an unexpected expense.  Many companies develop a strategy of switching out devices at the end of their life just so they have a handle on their budget.
  • Hardware Compatibility – We are seeing new hardware (printers, scanners, 3rd party devices) that interfaces with servers & computers not be backwards compatible with devices that are end of life from the manufacturer.  This causes big workflow issues.
  • Security Updates – Through JustTech’s Workstation & Server Management, JustTech provides software and security updates when released by the manufacturer.  When devices go unsupported or end of life, JustTech can only proactively manage the device but cannot deploy updates that are not being made.  This leaves devices susceptible to attack.
  • Stay Current with Operating Systems – Microsoft has announced Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 will go end of life in January 2020.  Most of the older hardware is running Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008.  Microsoft advises that instead of purchasing the upgrades, that users should purchase new hardware to take advantage of all the benefits of the new operating systems.
  • Increased Productivity – Technology keeps getting faster and newer technology will increase productivity.  Applications will open faster, computers will power on more quickly and web pages will load faster.

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