The value in automatic firmware updates for Xerox MFPs is for the customer and the partner.  Customers will benefit from the increased reliability, decreased service calls and automatic security updates with their Xerox equipment.  Xerox partners will benefit from the decreased workload required to update firmware and the increased customer satisfaction.  Automatic firmware updates is included in our Firmware Management solution available to Xerox partners.  We have signed up many Xerox partners with our solution and have received some great feedback that you can read by clicking here.

Customer Value Statement:

Mr. Customer, with our automatic firmware updates, whenever a solution is released for a software problem with your Xerox unit, you will automatically have it; whenever a security update is released, you will automatically have it; when we release a new version of ConnectKey that may include new features, you will automatically have it. Our Firmware Management Solution will increase your equipment’s reliability, decrease your service calls, and improve your overall experience with your Xerox unit.

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