There are many information technology (IT) companies that provide technical services, computer hosting, marketing, business planning, and website design. Getting several services under one roof is typically a way to save money. There are some companies, such as small businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations, among others that do not require all those services. In those cases, there are no savings because overhead, professionals from each discipline, and managers have to be hired by the all-in-one provider.

Find a Focus
Instead of having to navigate through all those services that do not apply to the business, search for a company that focuses on what you actually need. At JustTech, the answer to the question of who are we is simple. What we do is focus on print, application, and network solutions. The services are customized to meet the needs and budgets of all clients. Print solutions, for example, include the sales and support of over forty models of Xerox copiers and printers along with supplies and services for other brands of computers, copiers, and printers.

Xerox Application Solutions
A printer and copier that responds to the unique needs of the organization or business will save time and money. It will also eliminate the struggle of adapting needs and procedures to suit applications that are programmed into the machinery. The company has the distinction of being the first Xerox-certified, personalized application builder and authorized developer in the US. Over twenty-thousand applications have been created and installed to meet specific needs.

Network Solutions
IT support and managed network services are also available. The services can be completed on-site, via remote assistance, or a combination of both. Services are flexible and can include only what is needed. This approach provides the opportunity to serve businesses and organizations within their limited budgets. The focus of those three aspects, instead of many, is one reason cited when clients ask Why us when exploring companies for services required or desired.

Compare Companies
Take the time to compare pricing, flexibility, and services when looking to start new ventures. Business owners who wish to consider alternative companies to provide services will also want to research options. This will avoid the need to switch to yet another company that suits the needs and budgets of businesses and organizations.