From increase in efficiencies, to cost savings, to improved workflows, there are many benefits of Just·Tech’s Managed Print Solution for copiers and printers.

  • A simplified process with one point of contact
  • A fixed cost per page for each color and black and white print regardless of what device it is printed on or how much toner is used on the document (independent of toner coverage)
  • Simplified accounting with one itemized invoice each month
  • Visibility into print activity trends
  • Increase uptime by automating supply ordering with our device agent
  • The ability to accurately forecast printing budgets
  • Guarantee printers will not run out of toner for an extended period of time
  • Free up your resources for more business-critical tasks rather than supporting printers

Just·Tech is an authorized Xerox Print Services Provider and we utilize Xerox’s award winning tools to manage customers’ printing environments.  From the La Plata office, we support Southern Maryland and the Washington, DC area.   From the Huntington office, we support the West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio tri-state region.

About Us

Just·Tech is a technology company founded in 2006 providing Print Solutions, Network & IT Solutions and custom Xerox App Solutions.

Through our Print Solutions, we offer sales and support for Xerox copiers & printers. We also provide supplies & service support for HP, Lexmark, Dell and Brother printers. Currently we are managing thousands of copiers & printers making millions of impressions every month.

With our Network Solutions, we provide Managed Network Services & IT Support to more than 70 small businesses, non-profits and religious organizations. We specialize in proactive support and provide onsite & remote assistance.

Just·Tech is the first Xerox certified Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer in the United States. With our App Solutions, we create custom apps for Xerox multifunction copiers that increase efficiency and improve workflows. There are more than 20,000 apps that we have created installed on Xerox devices across the globe.

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