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JustTech provides a reliable and secure cloud faxing solution for clients. Many organizations are moving to cloud fax services because of the significant monthly cost savings as compared to having an analog fax line and the cost savings of not having long distance costs. Also, most major phone carriers have announced upcoming discontinuation of analog phone lines and JustTech’s Cloud Fax solution is the answer for faxing in the future!

  • Port Your Existing Fax Number
  • Obtain New Local or Toll-Free Fax Numbers
  • Send Faxes from Email or Xerox Multifunction Printer via App
  • No Fax Busy Line – Never Miss an Inbound Fax
  • Receive Faxes to Email, Xerox Multifunction Printer or Shared Network Drive
  • Free Encrypted Archive (copy of all Sent/Received Faxes) up to 10 Years
  • No Long-Distance Charges (faxes to USA & Canada)
  • Compliant with Multiple Security Standards including HIPAA, NIST and AICPA

With all cloud fax services, clients have to scan in documents and then attach them to an email or upload them to a web portal to send the documents via fax. A complaint commonly received from clients is how long it takes to fax hard copy documents with cloud fax services because of the multiple steps involved (scan, upload, etc.). The CloudFax Connector App for Xerox multifunction printers solves this challenge and allows sending hard copy documents through JustTech’s Cloud Fax service as easy as it is with a traditional fax. Simply scan in and fax!

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