Managed Print Solutions

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Managed Print Solutions

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to control costs and operate more efficiently. One often unlooked area is document printing from desktop printing devices. With our Managed Print Solutions, we can centralize the management of all your printers from multiple manufacturers. We can take control of your print activities and reduce your costs by up to 30%.

Just·Tech’s Managed Print Solutions provide the following benefits:

  • A simplified process with one point of contact
  • A fixed cost per page for each color and black and white print regardless of what device it is printed on or how much toner is used on the document (independent of toner coverage)
  • Professional & onsite service for copiers & printers
  • Simplified accounting with one itemized invoice each month for the number of prints made across the entire fleet (similar to a copier pool plan)
  • Visibility into print activity trends
  • Increase uptime by automating supply ordering
  • The ability to accurately forecast printing budgets
  • Guarantee printers will not run out of toner for an extended period of time

Free up your resources for more business-critical tasks rather than supporting printers

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