The most complete and affordable print
management solution!

PrintAnyWay from JustTech is the most complete and affordable print management solution and is provided exclusively from JustTech.  Finally, you can take control of your organization’s costs with the simplest and most flexible solution.  With PrintAnyWay, you can manage who prints, ensuring the security of your documents.

  • Total accounting of prints, copies, faxes and scans
  • Detailed activity information per user, department, cost center and printer
  • Billing codes available for chargebacks
  • Authentication, Accounting & Follow-User Printing for Xerox Multifunction Printers
  • Authentication, Accounting & Follow-User Printing for compatible Xerox Printers
  • Accounting for any brand of networked printer
  • Users manually added or synched with Active Directory or Open LDAP servers
  • Black & white and color limits and automatically reset every month, quarter or year
  • Access with User ID, PIN, Active Directory, mobile devices or compatible swipe cards
  • Accounting support for Chrome Books & USB printing
  • Automatic Reporting in multiple file formats

PrintAnyWay can be licensed from JustTech for a very affordable device and support fee.  There are no expensive server & user licenses and excess fees as is common with other providers.  Contact JustTech today about PrintAnyWay!

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