On April 5th, Xerox held their European new product launch outside of London in Uxbridge.  This is Xerox’s largest product launch in history and they introduced 29 new products!  The event was titled The Future of Work and included industry analysts and press.  Joshua Justice, president of Just·Tech was invited to attend and discuss the apps that Just·Tech has created for Xerox multifunction devices.

Firmware Connect App
With the Firmware Connect App, firmware and software updates are automatic when released by Xerox and tested & approved by Southern Solutions.  Firmware is upgraded sequentially in order of approved firmware versions.  There are over 15,000 Firmware Connect Apps installed and this is Xerox’s most popular 3rd party app!

Support Connect App
The Contact Us App has been rebranded to the Support Connect App.  The Support Connect App is a partner branded app that allows the customer to request service and request supplies from the Xerox device user interface.  We now have XPPS integration and can automatically send in meter reads to XSM and display supply status and tracking information!

Email Connect App
Setting up scan to email on a Xerox device requires accessing the web interface of the device by obtaining the IP address, username and password and then entering in 17 pieces of information on 6 screens.  Email Connect simplifies this process greatly whereas customers only have to enter their email, password and chose their provider.  The Xerox device is then instantly configured for scan to email!

Device Connect App
Configuring a Xerox device for network connectivity requires a user to have an IT background and to receive training.  With the Device Connect App, Xerox multifunction devices are instantly set-up on the network and for connectivity with fewer user initiative steps right on the device user interface.  With this app, anyone can set-up a Xerox device!






About Us

Just·Tech is a technology company founded in 2006 providing Print Solutions, Network & IT Solutions and custom Xerox App Solutions.

Through our Print Solutions, we offer sales and support for Xerox copiers & printers. We also provide supplies & service support for HP, Lexmark, Dell and Brother printers. Currently we are managing thousands of copiers & printers making millions of impressions every month.

With our Network Solutions, we provide Managed Network Services & IT Support to more than 70 small businesses, non-profits and religious organizations. We specialize in proactive support and provide onsite & remote assistance.

Just·Tech is the first Xerox certified Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer in the United States. With our App Solutions, we create custom apps for Xerox multifunction copiers that increase efficiency and improve workflows. There are more than 20,000 apps that we have created installed on Xerox devices across the globe.

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