At Southern Solutions, we focus on network & print efficiencies for offices in Southern Maryland!  Our combined services revenue makes up 65% of our company’s total revenue and just our print services revenue makes up half of our company’s revenue.  Through our Print Management Solution, we support hundreds of printers in Southern Maryland producing nearly 2 million printed pages every month!  With our monitoring agent, toner and other supplies are sent automatically when needed.  We simplify tasks performed in offices every day and increase employees’ productivity.  Our customer retention rate is 95% with our Print Management Solution.  It works and our customers have told us they love it!

Benefits of Print Management Solution

  • A simplified process with one point of contact.
  • A fixed cost per page for each color and black and white print regardless of how much toner is used on the document (independent of toner coverage).
  • Simplified accounting with one itemized invoice each month for all printers (versus one invoice for every supply item ordered).
  • Increase uptime by automating supply ordering and ensuring you have supplies on hand.
  • The ability to accurately forecast printing budgets.
  • Increase your staffs’ productivity and free up resources for more business-critical tasks rather than supporting printers.
  • Control over your print environment.

The greatest benefits to our Print Management Solution is that it saves you and your employees’ time, increases employee productivity and increases equipment up-time.  Often times, we can also save you money!  We have 3 options available with our Print Solutions: support existing fleet, transition existing fleet and provide cartridges as needed on a supplies sold basis.

Print Solutions Offerings

Support Existing Fleet: We support Xerox, HP, Dell, Brother and Lexmark printers and can manage your existing fleet with no upfront expense!  You will receive all the benefits stated above.

Transition Existing Fleet: In some cases, it is financially beneficial to transition to more affordable Xerox printers with lower operating costs.  We can provide assessments and make recommendations.  Many accounts have a mix of Xerox and non-Xerox devices we manage.  You will receive all the benefits stated above.

Xerox Replacement Cartridges: We also provide Xerox Replacement Cartridges for HP printers on a supplies sold basis (call as you need supplies).  While this option does not provide for the most cost or productivity benefit, it does provide lower consumable prices then OEM and greater yields.  These cartridges are 100% guaranteed!

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