With Xerox’s Color By Words, you can quickly and easily make color adjustments at the print driver.  This breakthrough technology allows you to make last-minute color corrections when you print, without going back to square one to manipulate source files.
You don’t have to be a color expert to make the grass greener or the sky bluer in your images. With Color by Words, you can select a few phrases from an easy drop-down menu, such as “make skin tones slightly warmer” or “make red-orange colors less red,” and presto – your images print as you desire.
From the print driver, you have 3 items to select from the drop down box with pre-selected choices:

  • What color to change? (i.e. blue, pink, skin-tone colors, etc.)
  • How much change? (i.e. completely, slightly, etc.)
  • What type of change? (i.e. dark, cool, etc.)