With our easy payment offerings + potential tax incentive leverage ~ your decision in 2013 can be even more rewarding!

Accelerating solutions = winning results

You are always looking for a way to deliver the best results AND maximize your budget dollars. We can help you solve not only your color and digital technology needs, but can also bring you flexible payment options that can meet your cash flow requirements.

Better bottom line

Two Key provisions are available to expense capital investments under an expanded federal package:

  •  Significantly increases Section 179 expensing per item deduction limits up to $500,000 with gradual phase out to $2,000,000 (through 2013).
  • Accelerated 50% Expensing ~ bonus depreciation @50% for 2013 and increased expensing maximums under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Accelerated depreciation deductions can apply to investments without regard to Section 179 capital expensing limits.

We offer compelling payment plans and options that can give you access to these benefits. These tax incentives, however, will expire soon… and must be put to use by December 31st this year!

Let’s take a look at an example, using our WorkCentre 6605 Holiday Promotion:


Purchase Price:                                          $1,109.00

Limited Time Reduced Price:                        $959.00

Qualified Capital Value:                                $959.00

Total Deduction for ’13:                                 $959.00

Tax Cash Savings ’13 (@35%):                     $335.65

Net Lower Cost w/ Tax Savings:               $623.35

* These are only guidelines & any calculations are for illustrative purposes only.  Your facts and situation may cause a different result.  You should consult your own tax & financial advisors to review and asses factors that may apply to your business and tax situation.

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