Xerox will be demonstrating new workflow solutions at Print ’13 in Chicago that will be available in October including FreeFlow Core.   The press release states “FreeFlow Core is the nucleus workflow tool for any customer environment – from small independent print shops to large multi-national production companies.”

Xerox Press Release:

Xerox has also launched a website for FreeFlow Core.  An overview from the website states:

FreeFlow™ Core automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print. It also supports communication and integration between systems in a production print environment.

Key Features

  • Modular architecture – FreeFlow Core includes the base software and also two optional modules, Advanced Prepress and Advanced Automation.
  • Browser-based – This solution runs in standard browsers. This greatly simplifies software installation and management.
  • PDF conversion – Supports multiple PDF formats and utilizes Adobe licensed software components.
  • Preflight – Identify and even fix problems at any point during your print process. Produce higher quality output.
  • Imposition – Dynamic imposition engine automatically lays out pages based on printer and job properties.
  • Manifest job processing – Submit a list or manifest of jobs to be printed and FreeFlow™ Core will process and print each job automatically.
  • Job clustering / batching – Intelligent job management enables value beyond the printer by organizing similar jobs for optimal post-press processing.
  • Printer programming – Rules-based logic intelligently routes and programs jobs to get the most out of your printers.
  • JDF/JMF – Full JDF/JMF compliance means a seamless integration with other systems that implement this industry standard for communication.


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