A recent article in Consumer Reports highlights how expensive printer ink is and how much ink is never used or wasted.  Ink costs $13 to $75 per once.   That would be $9,600 a gallon.  For the same price, you could get 2,652 gallons of gasoline or 2,791 gallons of milk.

Check out the informative article and video here: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2013/08/the-high-cost-of-wasted-printer-ink/index.htm#graphic.

With our Print Management Solution, we provide a fixed cost per page on your printers regardless of how much ink is used on the document.  This allows you to control your printing costs and operate more efficiently.  You are not invoiced for ink used during the start-up of the printer or during maintenance.   For more information on our Print Management Solution, click here: https://justtech.com/solutions/print-management-solutions/.