JustTech provides professional installation of Xerox multifunction copiers and printers to decrease your downtime during a transition and to ensure you are taking full advantage of the features of the new equipment.  We are in constant communication with the delivery team and coordinate the on-site installation to get your new device up and running as quickly as possible.  Our analysts have extensive experience with many servers, operating systems and office environments as well as all current and many previous Xerox models.  The JustTech’s analysts are certified by Xerox for network installation and training.  With our training sessions, we give basic training for the occasional user and more advanced training for the every day user.  JustTech also provides follow-up support as needed.
JustTech’s Director of Technology, Michael Eaton was once named Xerox’s Online Forum Member of the Month!  Michael reviews posts on the Xerox online forum once a week or so to pick up best practices from other analysts and to give other analysts and customers advice on how to fix an issue they are having.  Michael’s participation in this forum has helped our analysts faster correct issues that our customers may have!

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