Tech Target’s SearchITChannel recently released an article on how our Firmware Connect App, which provides automatic firmware updates for Xerox multifunction printers, increases customers’ security on their networks by providing new security patches when they are available.

From the article:

OEMs regularly release patches for newly-discovered printer security threats, which is something MPS providers stay on top of, said Joshua Justice, president of Southern Solutions, a solution provider and Xerox partner based in La Plata, Md. “Customers who do not update the firmware in their devices do not have the protection against these threats, thereby exposing their network to intrusion and harm,” he said.

Providing printer security updates is part of the reason Southern Solutions developed an app called Firmware Connect, which provides automatic firmware updates for Xerox multifunction copiers and printers. “Customers have embraced this app and the idea of always having the latest security updates in the products connected to their network,” he said. Some 162 Xerox partners in the U.S. have begun installing the app for their customers, he added.

For more information on the Firmware Connect App, click here.


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