This month, we got to chat with Beth Marcum, Regional Sales Manager for the WV/KY/OH Tri-State Region about her unique experience that ultimately lead to her current role at JustTech.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“Let’s see I’m married, I have been married for nearly 43 years. We have been blessed with 4 wonderful children and five grandchildren. Spending time with my family is my greatest joy. I also Love my church family and sharing my faith.”

What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

“Other than family I believe one person can make a difference, and together we can change lives. I am not sure if it’s a hobby, or more like a passion. I believe each of us have talents that when used, make a positive change.
I love being part of the Huntington City Mission, they provide food and shelter to people who are at the weakest, darkest hour of their life. Last year they provided 108,000 meals. That’s 108,000 times a child or an adult was no longer hungry. Plus providing a safe place to sleep for those who are homeless. There are so many that need us and so many ways we can help.
Ronald McDonald House provides a place for parents and family to stay that have sick children in Cabell Huntington Hospital NICU or PICU at little or no cost. That’s a nice room and food, making a difference is easy, cook a meal, take supplies or simply drop your coins in a local McDonald’s. Another passion I love is Golden Girls Group Home. These amazing people take care of girls who have been abused physically, and/or sexually. They give these girls a home, they build their spirit, “turn pain into power”. I love that the simplest thing lifts and heals. Just doing a little; like being a Christmas Angel, or play a round of golf in their tournament can change lives. I highly recommend finding time to serve others. You will be the one who receives the greatest gift.”

How did you first hear about JustTech?

“I kind of helped create it. I was the owner of Peake Office Solutions. Joshua Justice owned Southern Solutions of Maryland, He and I had met and talked at the Xerox Kickoff meetings and the president trips. When Josh found out I was looking to merge or sell he called. I wanted to better serve my clients so I knew I needed to make changes.
Joshua and I talked and it was instant I knew he was the answer I had prayed for. Josh is the most forward-thinking person I have ever met. He has vision. This vision could possible change how companies do business!”

Who is JustTech to you?

“JustTech to me is a family business, where we are all focused on one goal providing our clients with the highest level of service.”

What is your role there?

“My role now as the Regional Manager is to create an environment where my team can excel. To provide them with the tools and guidance for them to not just achieve their quota but for them to achieve their personal goals.“

What are your main responsibilities?

“I have three very competitive Solutions Specialists so each month they challenge each other to be the top in sales (it’s a lot of fun). I also oversee the operations of our office here in Huntington. We have an amazing team, and that makes my job easy. I believe when your people know you value them, their ideas and thoughts are important, that team will move mountains for you.”

What is your favorite thing about working at JustTech?

“My favorite thing about working at JustTech is being part of a company that is on the leading edge. JustTech is a leader in innovation. We have so many different companies coming to us. I love this!“

If a company is considering working with JustTech, what would you tell them?

“I would start with the breadth of solutions we can offer them. Think about this, we offer managed network solutions, with 21 different areas we protect and enhance our clients network, we offer managed print solutions helping them contain the cost of printing on their small desktop machines, many times without migrating to new products, we offer a full line of Xerox products from desktop multifunction machines to high-speed color production (Xerox printers 40 feet long and printing color prints at 275 images a minutes it’s a beautiful site!). And this is not all, we also have Michael Eaton, who is the Director of Technology his team creates apps that change or improve internal processes in our clients business. Currently Xerox has two of our apps on every new machine released. JustTech has thousand of apps being ran all over the world. Yet we are local and available to our clients. JustTech has our own service teams that are dedicated to keeping our clients up and running.”

What is the typical sales process for you?

“At JustTech every sales cycle starts with an assessment. We feel are clients need to know where they are currently before they can move forward. Once we are through the discover process, we work with our clients to create a strategy that focuses on the areas of their company they want to improve. Whether it is help with compliance or reducing their printing costs that gives them more money for other projects. Each client is different, so each solution is customized. Yes, we use best practices to help them improve in areas, many times in areas they had not even thought about.”

What is the best way that people get in contact with you if they would like to more information on the services that JustTech provides?

The best way to contact me is to email me, or call my cell phone.