Multi-functional printers can be a huge benefit to business owners, but unfortunately, they can also leave them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. That’s why it’s important that business owners take Print Security seriously. Read on to find out about how you can ensure that the information being transferred to and stored on your company’s Printer remains protected.

Incorporate Printers into Overall Security Strategy
Today’s printers are much more advanced than those of yesteryear. They handle a good deal of potentially sensitive data and, if left unprotected, offer an entry point into the company’s network to malicious hackers. Make sure to integrate these devices into the organization’s basic security strategy.

Adopt a Comprehensive Policy
Organizations that have experienced data breaches must be able to show that they’ve taken all possible measures to protect the devices on their network, including printers. That means each one of these devices should be monitored and managed regardless of model, age, and brand.

Secure Network Access
You can limit network access to your printers through the use of managed network protocols and ports. This helps to prevent the potential of introducing viruses and malware.

Secure the Device Itself
Data overwrite kits can be used in conjunction with hard disk encryption to prevent the unwanted transfer of data. This is particularly relevant when it comes to avoiding data breaches when older printers are being disposed of.

Secure Physical Access
The best way to ensure that only approved employees have access to a device is to implement user authentication protocols. Also known as pull printing, this step helps to ensure that any documents being stored on printers can be released only to approved recipients.

Secure Documents
There are several ways to secure the documents being stored on printers themselves. These include the use of digital signatures, PDF encryption, and secure watermarking.

Get Some Professional Help
If you’ve never had an experience with network and device security, you should absolutely enlist some professional help. At JustTech, we specialize in providing network security solutions that cover all potential vulnerabilities, including printers. Check out our website to learn more about Xerox Security and how we can help you keep your data protected today to get started.

Understanding the basics of printing security