At Google security product manager Stephan Somogyi’s talk at Google’s I/O conference last week, Somogyi stressed the importance of updating software and that automatic software updates work.  The Google Chrome web browser provides updates automatically and because of that, within 2 weeks of release, 90% of all web browsers are updated.

Google uses the same strategy with the recently released OnHub wireless router which installs new firmware updates automatically.

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2015.11.05 Advantages with CK

With copiers & MFPs, firmware (or systems software as it is commonly called) is released routinely to fix operational issues, correct new compatibility issues, add new features and apply security patches.  The Automatic Firmware Updates App Solution for Xerox multifunction printers increases customer satisfaction, increases equipment reliability, increases equipment & network security, decreases service calls and decreases the time that is required to perform these updates manually.

With all manufacturers, firmware for copiers & multifunction printers has traditionally been installed manually at the device.  This time consuming task decreases productivity.  There are several tools that decrease the time that is taken to upgrade firmware on multiple devices but these tools still contain multiple steps that must be repeated on an ongoing basis.

Once installed, the Automatic Firmware Updates App Solution automatically brings the Xerox multifunction printer to the most recently approved version of firmware sequentially with no intervention from the partner.  Updates are performed at night or during non-business hours to avoid interruption.

Updates almost always include security patches and it is important not to overlook how important it is that devices connected to customers’ networks have the latest security updates. The National Institute of Standards and Technology further validated this when they released their Risk Management for Replication Devices report in February of last year.  Among the threats to copiers & MFPs, the list includes outdated and/or unpatched operating systems and firmware. To protect your network, devices must have the latest firmware and security patches.    As new security threats are uncovered, Xerox releases new security patches in their next firmware release.  With the Automatic Firmware Updates App Solution, customers’ networks are always protected against recent threats.

Since the Xerox U.S. Channels Group announced they were licensing this solution in January, Southern Solutions has received a lot of positive feedback and excitement from U.S. Agent & Reseller partners.  Customers have also been very interested in the messages of ongoing compatibility fixes, increased network security and reduced service calls.

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