Southern Solutions, a Xerox certified Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer is excited to announce the launch of their newest app, the Firmware Connect App.  The Firmware Connect App provides automatic firmware updates on Xerox multifunction copiers & printers.

Manufacturers for almost every type of technology regularly release new firmware or systems software for their products.   They do this to decrease support needed and to increase product reliability.  With copier manufacturers, firmware updates are released to fix operational issues, security issues and ongoing compatibility issues.  Some updates are even to add new functionality.  Southern Solutions’ research shows that 30-40% of service calls for Xerox multifunction copiers include a firmware or spar update.

Firmware updates usually include security patches and it is important not to overlook how important it is that devices connected to a customer’s network have the latest security patches.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology further validated this when they released their Risk Management for Replication Devices report in February of this year. Among the threats to replication devices (copiers & MFPs), the list includes outdated and/or unpatched operating systems and firmware.

Firmware is traditionally manually updated by a local IT department, end-user customer or service technician (when necessary during a technical visit).  This unmanaged process results in many copiers with outdated firmware, additional service issues and security vulnerabilities on customers’ networks.

With the Firmware Connect App, firmware updates on many Xerox models are downloaded and installed automatically.  All settings are kept at the device.  The Firmware Connect App increases customer satisfaction, increases equipment reliability, increases equipment & network security, decreases service calls and decreases ongoing support.

“I am so proud of our team for developing this new app and excited for the automation and benefits the Firmware Connect App brings to customers” said Joshua Justice, President of Southern Solutions.

Video on installing and enabling the Firmware Connect App at the device:

About Southern Solutions

Southern Solutions is the first Xerox certified Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer in the United States and creates apps that improve workflows and increase efficiencies.  Southern Solutions licenses a personalized Contact Us App and the Firmware Connect App to other Xerox Partners and is currently working with partners in the U.S. and Europe.  Southern Solutions also creates customized apps for specific customer needs.

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