Through Southern Solutions’ Print Management Solution, we support hundreds of printers (Xerox, HP, Brother, Lexmark & Dell) in Southern Maryland producing nearly 2 million printed pages every month!  With our monitoring agent, toner and other supplies are sent automatically when needed.  We simplify tasks performed in offices every day and increase employees’ productivity.  Our customer retention rate is 95% with our managed print services program.  It works and our customers have told us they love it!  For a list of benefits of our solution and offering descriptions, click here.

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Xerox provides a range of laser print cartridges for non-Xerox printers including for 95% of HP and Brother models.  These cartridges cost up to 50% less than standard cartridges, have greater yields and do not invalidate the printer warranty.  Southern Solutions provides these to customers in Southern Maryland on an as needed basis (call as you need supplies) or automatically through our Print Management Solution.  For additional information, click here.

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