Understanding the Importance of a Business’ Workforce

The workplace is changing and employers can no longer focus solely on customer service while ignoring the wants and needs of their employees. Those that do so find they lose good talent and must settle for less than the best. Employers need to ensure this does not happen, as a loss of good talent within an organization can lead to a loss of customers who aren’t satisfied with the service they receive. How can an employer improve employee engagement via the digital workplace? What steps need to be taken in this area?

Employee Engagement
Employers often fail to recognize the importance of employee feedback, but who better knows what a company is doing right and where it is going wrong than those who interact with customers on a regular basis? The employees are aware of where a workflow is failing, why bottlenecks occur in certain areas again and again, and how best to overcome everyday obstacles. Employees need a safe and anonymous way to share this information with the employer, one where they don’t have to worry about retribution. Employers who put this type of system into place find they are able to not only recruit top talent, they are able to retain it as well.

Encouragement Goes a Long Way
Employee engagement can be encouraged in a variety of ways. Companies may consider purchasing software, for example, that allows them to conduct internal surveys to see where changes need to be made and what the company is doing right in terms of their workforce. Opinion polls may be offered, allowing workers to provide feedback while remaining anonymous, and other tools may be offered to achieve this goal. When a tool of this type is used, it encourages frequent dialogue, of great importance to the success of an organization. Altering the workplace to boost productivity likewise helps to improve employee engagement, and the same is true of technology. Make certain any changes in technology make the employee’s life easier, not harder. These are only a few of many ways to boost engagement in the workplace.

How Customers Benefit
When employees are happy, customers find they benefit in several ways. If employees are recognized and valued for their input, they’re more likely to go out of their way to ensure a great customer experience. Furthermore, companies often find the workers can be given more discretion to ensure clients remain satisfied, thus reducing the amount of time needed to resolve issues for customers. In fact, research has shown that a customer can be dissatisfied with a product or service but if the customer experience with the company providing this product or service was good, the consumer is more likely to buy from this organization again.

Never overlook the importance of employee appreciation in the workplace. Individuals want to know they are valued and play a crucial role in the success of the organization. A failure to show that their opinion is valued will likely have them looking elsewhere for work, and this can do great harm to a business. JustTech recognizes this and strives to emphasize the importance of those who work on their team. To do so, JustTech plans to create employee spotlight blogs in the coming months to show their appreciation towards their employees and how they contribute to the overall company’s success. Stay tuned!

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