Southern Solutions, a Xerox certified Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer is excited to announce the launch of their newest app, the Firmware Connect App.  Firmware Connect makes it even easier to install our Automatic Firmware Updates solution on Xerox multifunction products.

Manufacturers for almost every type of technology regularly release new firmware or systems software for their products.   They do this to decrease support needed and to increase product reliability.  With copier manufactures, firmware updates are released to fix operational issues, security issues and ongoing compatibility issues.  Some updates are even to add new functionality.  Our research shows that 30-40% of service calls for Xerox multifunction copiers include a firmware or spar update.  With our Automatic Firmware Updates solution, firmware updates on many Xerox models are downloaded and installed automatically.  All settings are kept at the device.  Automatic Firmware Updates increase customer satisfaction, increase equipment reliability, increase equipment & network security, decrease service calls and decrease ongoing support.  Now, it is simple to install the Automatic Firmware Updates solution with our Firmware Connect App.

Here is a quick video on how simple it is to install and enable the Firmware Connect App at the device:

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