We sat down with Clay Walker, Senior Technical Analyst & Technical Service Team Lead for JustTech who directly supports clients in the Southern Maryland and Washington, DC area and provides leadership and escalation support for technical analysts across five states.
Hi, Clay! Thanks for joining us today. Let’s start off by you telling us a little about yourself.
I am 56 years old. I have three kids, been married for 35 years. I’ve worked for Xerox for 28 years before coming to JustTech – which was Southern Solutions at the time. I live in Southern Maryland and have for most of my life. This has been nice as I’ve supported a lot of the same customers and we still support some with JustTech. Great long-term relations. 
When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?
We live near the water, I’m so we do a lot of boating and fishing. I actually do some painting and artwork in my spare time. I do a lot with the family since they are all still local and around. I make wine and do a lot of outdoor stuff, like riding bikes – I just like being outside. 
Sounds like you enjoy trying new things – that is fantastic! When it comes to JustTech, how did you first hear about us?
I met Josh when he first became a salesman and came to this area – I don’t know how many years ago – I was working with Xerox at the time and he was a new sales guy. As time moved on, he started Southern Solutions and we kept up. I would help him with any Xerox issue he had during that time.
How did you come to be apart of JustTech?
So like I said, I worked for Xerox for 28 years. Towards the end, I had a disillusion with corporate, they were getting sort of big brother. Their service was going a different way going forward and I didn’t want someone else to decide where my career was going to go.
Josh came to me and said he was opening service and that was the direction he was going with his business. So in 2012 when he was starting service, he wanted me to come onboard. Made me an offer I couldn’t refuse so I was the first service person on that side.
And the rest is history! With that being said, who is JustTech to you?
JustTech is a family-oriented, small business that is very customer-focused. We have a very talented group of people who can quickly respond to customer issues, whatever they are: IT or service-related. JustTech is a growing company, but with a great small company feel. Josh works hard to keep it that way. 
What is your role here?
I am the service team lead, so I oversee the service techs. When I started we had seven employees, now we have 50+! Josh originally oversaw everything, but needed some help as we grew.
Since I was service from the get-go, I monitor the service team and help onboard new hires on the service side. I work with the help desk for ticketing and service process, monitor the service sector, and carry a full-service area of machines.
You definitely keep busy and we appreciate it so much! What is your favorite thing about working here?
What I like about JustTech is:
A.) It’s a family-oriented group. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone better to work with than Josh.
B.) I like the quickness that which we can resolve issues. Solving customer issues is so much quicker. If we are making changes to a process, we have a discussion and it’s done.
If a company is considering working with JustTech, what would you tell them as a way of convincing them that we’re a good choice?
We’re family-oriented, small business, very customer-focused and able to respond to the needs and requirements quickly and efficiently. We have a very talented staff to respond to your needs. 
Thanks for all your hard work, Clay! We appreciate all that you do.