JustTech Seeking Level 2 Help Desk Analyst in La Plata, MD

JustTech, LLC is actively seeking an IT professional with excellent communication & organizational skills for our Level 2 Help Desk Analyst position. This individual would join our team and provide remote IT assistance, dispatching, scheduling and outstanding customer service. JustTech is a technology company based in La Plata, Maryland, specializing [...]

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JustTech 2023 Sales Kick-Off Meeting

JustTech held our first in-person sales kick-off meeting in 3 years and invited the sales team members from our 7 offices to join! The event was held in La Plata, Maryland on January 9th and 10th and in Fredericksburg, Virginia at our new distribution center on January 11th. We also [...]

Best of 2022 – Improvement in JustTech’s Supply Chain

Beginning in late 2021, companies in most industries began to experience disruptions with their supply chains. For the most part, the headaches we dealt with for about a year, seem to be behind us. JustTech, our manufactures and our distributors have all adjusted and taken steps to confront current challenges [...]

Best of 2022 – Record Breaking Print Volumes

2022 saw a return of pre-pandemic printing habits and 3 record breaking months of record print volumes with JustTech's clients. Print volumes were lower as we started 2022 as were dealing with the Omicron variant which forced many indoors. Then in March, print volumes picked up as employees were going [...]

Best of 2022 – Growth with Network & IT Solutions

JustTech’s Managed Network & IT Solutions revenue grew 23% in 2022 over 2021!  This recurring service continues to grow as more clients embrace this needed solution and as existing clients grow and add additional solutions.  JustTech takes a proactive approach to managing clients’ networks in finding ways to increase efficiency and [...]

Best of 2022 – Growth with Cloud Fax

In 2022, JustTech saw more clients embracing our Cloud Fax Solution as the technology is more secure, more affordable and has more features than traditional fax and because analog lines are being phased out. Features of JustTech's Cloud Faxing Solution, include: Port Your Existing Fax Number Obtain New Local or [...]

Best of 2022 – New JustTech Distribution Center

In June, JustTech was excited to announce the opening of our new Distribution Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. From this centralized location, we now deliver Xerox copiers, multifunction devices and printers to clients in all of JustTech’s regions which include 6 states and Washington, DC. First planned in 2019, launching the Distribution [...]

Best of 2022 – Full Embrace of the Circular Economy

JustTech has always sold remanufactured multifunction copiers to clients that have been returned from other clients. However, with global supply constraints affecting most of 2022, JustTech fully embraced the Circular Economy! Remanufactured sales made up 35% of our copiers sold in 2022 compared with 5% in 2021. By choosing certified [...]

The Retirement of JustTech’s Larry Wible

On December 31st, Larry Wible will be retiring from JustTech after a long career with JustTech and Xerox. Larry is a Technical Analyst at JustTech and provides onsite service support for Xerox multifunction copiers, printers and light production units for JustTech's clients in the Southern Maryland region. Larry has been [...]

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JustTech Supporting Annmarie Garden in Lights

JustTech is proud to once again support Annmarie Garden’s award-winning holiday light show in Solomons, Maryland! Come out for the most magical time of year as the grounds of Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center are transformed into an outdoor twinkling wonderland! Annmarie Garden In Lights will transport you and [...]

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