At the Xerox U.S. Agent Partners Conference in Las Vegas on February 21st, Southern Solutions was named the Xerox App Developer of the Year!  Southern Solutions creates custom apps for Xerox multifunction printers and specializes in increasing inefficiency and improving workflows with the support process.  Apps that Southern Solutions have created are installed on nearly 20,000 Xerox devices around the world.

I am so proud of our creative & talented team who continue to amaze me in their development of new apps for Xerox devices!
– Joshua Justice, President of Southern Solutions

Southern Solutions, a Xerox partner provides managed print & managed IT services and became the first Xerox certified Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer in the U.S. 2 years ago.  Since that time, Southern Solutions has added 3 full time application developers and creates apps not just for their customers but for customers around the globe. Southern Solutions works with 170 Xerox Agent and Reseller partners in creating apps to use with their customers.

App Developer of the Year award 2017

(Pictured from left to right: Darren Cassidy, President of Xerox U.S. Channels Unit; Charlene Fischer, Vice President of Xerox South East Region Field Sales; Joshua Justice, President of Southern Solutions; Mike Feldman, Corporate Executive Vice President and President at Xerox North America Operations)

At the Xerox partners meeting in Las Vegas, Southern Solutions showcased several of their most popular apps, including:

Firmware Connect App
With the Firmware Connect App, firmware and software updates are automatic when released by Xerox and tested & approved by Southern Solutions.  Firmware is upgraded sequentially in order of approved firmware versions.  Firmware has been downloaded and updated over 165,000 times and this is Xerox’s most popular 3rd party app!

Support Connect App
The Support Connect App is a partner branded app that allows the customer to request service and request supplies from the Xerox device user interface.  The Support Connect App has Xerox Partner Print Services integration and will automatically send in meter reads and display supply status and tracking information!

Email Connect App
Setting up scan to email on a Xerox device requires accessing the web interface of the device by obtaining the IP address, username and password and then entering in 17 pieces of information on 6 screens.  Email Connect simplifies this process greatly whereas users only have to enter their email, password and chose their provider.  The Xerox device is then instantly configured for scan to email!

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