Southern Solutions, a technology company providing print solutions, network & IT solutions and customized application solutions was recently certified by Xerox as a Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer.  Southern Solutions is the second company globally to become certified and the first U.S. partner.

During the last year, our incredibly talented employees have spent much time brainstorming, developing and testing apps for Xerox multifunction copiers.  We have received great feedback from our customers who have used our apps and from other Xerox partners who have introduced these apps to their customers.  I am thrilled that Southern Solutions was named a Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer by Xerox (the first company to have this certification in the U.S.) and look forward to developing many more apps that simplify processes and streamline workflows to improve operational efficiencies.
Joshua Justice, President of Southern Solutions

Late last year, Southern Solutions created the Contact Us App that enhances communication with customers and simplifies the service & supplies process by allowing customers to request service, request supplies, request free Xerox Eco Boxes to return supplies and provide feedback directly on the Xerox user interface.  Partners can communicate with their customers in real-time via the Contact Us App by posting a new tweet, sharing a new message and sharing new pictures.

Southern Solutions also launched their Firmware Management solution that includes automatic firmware updates.  New Xerox firmware is regularly released to fix security issues, operational issues or new compatibility issues.  Automatic firmware updates increase customer satisfaction, increase equipment reliability, increase equipment & network security, decrease service calls and decrease partner workload as updates can often take an hour to perform on-site.

In total, there are over 2,000 Contact Us App and Firmware Management solutions installed on Xerox units.  25 Xerox partners have licensed this technology from Southern Solutions and have utilized it with their customers.  Southern Solutions has also developed Customized Applications for specific needs and has additional apps in development.

Authorized Developer

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