Southern Solutions, a certified Xerox Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer develops solutions for Xerox ConnectKey products to improve the customer experience.  Xerox just made the Contact Us App and Automatic Firmware Updates eligible for Co-Op Reimbursement.  With the Contact Us App, customers can request service, request supplies, provide feedback and order free Xerox Eco boxes to return supplies right on the user interface.  Partners can share pictures, social media feeds, messages and new product & service announcements with customers.  Some partners are defaulting the Contact Us App to the main screen to always stay in front of customers through this interactive billboard.  Since the app is hosted, new content can be added at any time and instantly updated on all installed devices.

Connectkey had 8 firmware versions (systems software) released last year to fix security issues, operational issues or new compatibility issues. Some updates were to add new functionality. There have already been 7 updates released this year.  With Southern Solutions’ Firmware Management, firmware updates on many Xerox models are automatic. Automatic firmware updates increase customer satisfaction, increase equipment reliability, decrease service calls and decrease partner workload as updates can often take an hour to perform on-site.  Updates are performed sequentially in order of approved firmware versions to ensure perfect and continuous operations.

Southern Solutions offers these customized solutions to Xerox partners.  Both of these solutions are flat base fee per month and unlimited number of devices can connect to them.

The monthly charge for the Contact Us App is $200 and includes:

  • Customized hosted Contact Us App.  This can be loaded on an unlimited number of ConnectKey devices.  Flat fee, not a charge per device. Agents receive an agent & dealer app with the appropriate contact information for service & supplies.
    • Each additional customized Contact Us App (different contact information for different offices, etc) is $50 per app per month. This can be loaded on an unlimited number of ConnectKey devices.
  • Ongoing support.  Partners are responsible for installing apps and will receive training videos.
  • Future updates and enhancements on standard versions.
  • Partner branded overview video to share with customers as well as marketing collaterals.

The monthly charge for the Automatic Firmware Updates is $150 and includes:

  • Customized solution that can be installed on an unlimited number of compatible devices (list of devices on our website). Partners are responsible for installing solution.
  • Access to Firmware Repository where current and previous versions of firmware are stored.
  • Access to Clone Files Repository where partners can save customers’ clone files.


App Bundle for Xerox Co-Op

Contact Us App and Automatic Firmware Updates

– Normal Monthly Price:                   $350

– Special Bundle Price:                    $300

– Co-Op Reimbursement:                 $225 (75%)

– Partner Monthly Expense:           $75

For more information on the Xerox Co-Op App Bundle, please email us by clicking here.