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Just•Tech is a technology company with offices throughout the mid-Atlantic region providing clients with print & IT solutions that improve workflows and increase efficiencies.

Solutions Specialists
Just•Tech’s Solutions Specialists provide solution sales and account management responsibilities for Just•Tech’s clients.

Network Analysts
Just•Tech’s Network Analysts provide IT support and customer assistance for Just•Tech’s clients.

Technical Analysts
Just•Tech’s Technical Analysts provide technical support for Xerox multifunction copiers and printers for Just•Tech’s clients.

Help Desk
Just•Tech’s Help Desk provides customer assistance, service triage and supplies management for Just•Tech’s clients.

Just•Tech’s Operations Staff provide many of the back-end tasks including equipment & supply order processing, billing and customer assistance for Just•Tech’s clients.

Just•Tech’s HR Staff ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, handle recruiting and sourcing of new candidates and manage payroll, health insurance and other benefits for Just•Tech’s employees.

Just•Tech’s Marketing Team utilizes a variety of methods (email, social media, blog posts, etc) to share information with Just•Tech’s clients and prospective clients.

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