Best of 2022 – Full Embrace of the Circular Economy

JustTech has always sold remanufactured multifunction copiers to clients that have been returned from other clients. However, with global supply constraints affecting most of 2022, JustTech fully embraced the Circular Economy! Remanufactured sales made up 35% of our copiers sold in 2022 compared with 5% in 2021. By choosing certified [...]

New JustTech Distribution Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia

JustTech is excited to announce the opening of our new Distribution Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. From this centralized location, we will deliver Xerox copiers, multifunction devices and printers to clients in all of JustTech's regions which include 6 states and Washington, DC. First planned in 2019, launching the Distribution Center [...]

Choosing Remanufactured Equipment Supports the Circular Economy

By choosing certified remanufactured copiers & printers, clients are supporting the circular economy. When selling new Xerox copiers & multifunction printers to clients, models that are 3-5 years old are often returned to JustTech as trade-in. Instead of dumping these units in a landfill, JustTech remanufactures them to the highest [...]

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JustTech Supporting the Circular Economy

In addition to providing our clients with new Xerox multifunction copiers and printers, JustTech also promotes our remanufactured line of equipment to do our part in supporting the circular economy. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states the term circular economy "refers to an economy that uses a systems-focused approach [...]

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