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Your technician Ovido Nino Deguzman did an excellent job today! He really helped us get back on track with everything. Please thank him again for me. Have a nice day.

Boyd Berbick, B&B Corporate Rentals (Leesburg, Virginia)

The experience has been GREAT. I appreciate that Just·Tech employees made an effort to understand our needs, not oversell us, and created a solution that was exactly what we needed; especially as a small business.

Gen Greer, Pro Renata (Crozet, VA)

I just wanted to touch base and throw some praise towards Michael.  I came in Monday morning at 7am, opened our main network folder to get started and it said “Folder is Empty.” After a slight panic attack I thought to myself, maybe Michael got the docs uploaded to the cloud early? It’s the only answer I could think for seeing an empty folder. I connected with Michael that morning and he logged in while at another location and determined we had two hard drives that failed. Yowzas! Boy, that was just about as bad as it gets. Michael quickly got on it, trying to restore a previous back-up (luckily it was over the weekend while no one was in there) and ordering new drives. He stayed on it getting our main folder moved to another partition on the server so we could work while the drives came in. We started gaining access back to the files we need to do our jobs each day. He just recently finished installing the new drives here just a little while ago and we could not be more thankful.Michael was extremely courteous the entire time, even though I know we had him under some pressure. He even quickly responded to all e-mails even though I know he was swamped with everything else. All in all, Michael was exactly the level of service I’ve come to expect from JustTech and we are extremely pleased with his support. This experience re-affirmed our decision to go with JustTech for our IT support and I will recommend your services any opportunity. I just wanted to say THANK YOU–especially to Michael for all he’s done for us, but for you all as well for taking us on as a customer. Had we not had you all there to back us up in this business emergency, we would probably still be in a panic right now. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Candace St. Germain, The Cherry Cove Group (Lexington Park, MD)
One of JustTech main assets is that they are made up of enthusiastic employees. They are there when you need them and are full of innovative ideas. They came in and turned our whole network system around. We all now have the same software and the Retreat House runs more efficiently. They know computers! They are in the process of redesigning our web site and working closing with our staff to ensure that the design and information fits the needs of our constituents. Most importantly they are just a phone call away!! We never have to wait more than an hour for help! They get an A+ in Customer Service. Thank you JustTech from your friends at Loyola on the Potomac!

Lisa White, Loyola on the Potomac (Faulkner, MD)

I would recommend Just·Tech. I would say, throw everything at Just·Tech and see what solutions they can offer your business. You would be surprised that they can create a whole solution at your price point. And I love that there is a local office!

Gen Greer, Pro Renata (Crozet, VA)

I think it’s important to share what Just·Tech did for us to help understand the breadth of services they provide.  Because we upgraded to FIBER internet and streamlined our WIFI network, we have been able to expand services to a wide array of customers.  Not only can our day-to-day customers come in and search up the best Super Bowl commercials, but local businesses can reserve space to hold meetings that include live streaming capabilities through our secure, reliable network.

Gen Greer, Pro Renata (Crozet, VA)

The upgrade of our network by Just·Tech has provided peace of mind. Because of the network dependability that exists now that didn’t before, operational challenges with technology are no longer an issue.

Gen Greer, Pro Renata (Crozet, VA)

We work with many restaurants and related establishments and have observed some common challenges:

Creating high impact menus and fliers on demand.

Studies show that color increases attention by 82%, improves remembrance by 39%, increases comprehension by 73%, and reduces time reading documents by 70%.  Just·Tech provides a full line of color printing products from desktop printers to multifunction devices.  We offer devices with high printing resolution that create eye catching documents.  Inline finishing options include stapling, hole punching and booklet making.

Quick response time for service concerns on office printing technology.

Just·Tech provides local support and fast response for service concerns on your office printers and copiers.  Our technicians are highly skilled, have much experience and receive ongoing training.  During a service visit, we proactively inspect your entire unit to ensure there are no other issues.

Updating technology without causing disruption to organization’s productivity.

Just·Tech has local network analysts and trainers to assist with new copier and printer installations.  We coordinate with the delivery team to decrease your downtime and to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Increasing efficiencies with office printing process.

With our managed print solutions, we can centralize the management of all your desktop printers from multiple manufacturers (Xerox, HP, Brother & Dell). We can take control of your print activities and reduce your costs by up to 30%.  We also provide automatic supply ordering and replenishment with no user intervention required.

With the Support Connect App, users can request service, request supplies, provide feedback and order Xerox Eco Boxes for easy return and recycling of supplies right from the Xerox device user interface!  This simple and easy process also provides faster resolution to incidents as needed information to resolve the task is automatically sent from the app including the serial number, meter reads, all supply statuses (including toner, drum, fuser, etc) and all fault codes.

Greater productivity with proactive network support and seamless 3rd party software integration.

We provide network management and IT solutions to many organizations.  We specialize in proactive support & cloud security services and provide remote and on-site support.  Many food and beverage organizations utilize 3rd party software for day to day operations and we have vast experience in integrating unique software.

Increased security in the office and at all points of access to the network.

Xerox Image Overwrite Security provides a triple pass overwrite algorithm to ensure all data is unrecoverable after every copy, print, scan and fax job is performed on a multifunction printer.  When performed after every job, Image Overwrite is fast.  Also, Xerox is the only vendor to provide McAfee built-in security that protects the multifunction printers from outside threats.  Nothing can run on the device unless whitelisted.

With our Network Security Solution, we protect your network against internal and external threats.  This advanced firewall protection provides wireless protection as well which is often an overlooked vulnerability in customers’ networks.  When employees and guests connect to clients’ WiFi, the clients’ networks are susceptible from anything on these mobile devices.  With our solution, new threats are protected against as they are discovered ensuring you have the latest protection for your network and that information is secure and safe!

Our DNS Protection for workstations (computers & laptops) is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats (including many ransomware type attacks) on the internet wherever users go. This solution blocks malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. This is an additional layer of network security and content filtering and highly recommended to prevent intruders.

New software and firmware is released on a regular basis for copiers and printers.  This software is traditionally updated manually by the end user which can leave devices with out of date software and networks susceptible to recent network threats. With the Firmware Connect App, when firmware and software updates are released by Xerox and approved by JustTech, updates to the copiers and printers are overnight.  This ensures devices have the latest software updates which include security patches for newly discovered threats and that information on the network is protected!

Seamlessly transitioning to a secure cloud fax solution.

Most major phone carriers have announced upcoming discontinuation of analog phone lines and many clients will still need a way to fax in the future. Faxing with Voice Over IP is highly unreliable and not supported by multifunction printer manufacturers. JustTech provides a reliable and secure cloud faxing solution for clients. Many organizations are also moving to cloud fax services because of the significant monthly cost savings as compared to having an analog fax line and the cost savings of not having long distance costs.

With all cloud fax services, clients have to scan in documents and then attach them to an email or upload them to a web portal to send the documents via fax.  A complaint commonly received from clients is how long it takes to fax hard copy documents with cloud fax services because of the multiple steps involved (scan, upload, etc.).  The CloudFax Connector App for Xerox multifunction printers solves this challenge and allows sending hard copy documents through JustTech’s Cloud Fax service as easy as it is with a traditional fax.  Simply scan in and fax!

Providing a simple way for guests to print from their mobile devices.

With the free @PrintByXerox app, users email from their mobile phone or tablet the documents they wish to print to and they receive a code back. The user types the code into the free Print@PrintByXerox App on the Xerox multifunction printer and the documents are instantly printed. Documents to be printed are pulled from the cloud and the user’s mobile device does not have to be on the client’s network. This solution provides an easy and secure mobile print solution!

Maintaining the use of Scan to Email.

Studies have shown that Scan to Email is still the #1 way users scan on multifunction printers in the United States. A break in the connection of Scan to Email can be caused by several reasons including a password change for the email account and settings changed by the email provider. When this happens, Scan to Email stops working and the user has to place a service call. The free Email Connect App (developed by JustTech) allows the user to enter in their email address and password and then select their email provider on the Xerox multifunction printer. Updated Scan to Email settings are instantly written to the Xerox device and Scan to Email is again working!

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