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We have used Just Tech services for the past six years. Our needs were small in the beginning but we have grown to rely on their services as we have introduced many new information technology challenges in our daily office life and special projects. Security is a huge issue for a local government office and JustTech has addressed our concerns. They are reachable and react quickly to any immediate items that need to be addressed immediately. We value their contributions to our IT requirements.

Town of Leonardtown (Leonardtown, MD)

This letter is to commend Paul Wolfe, Solutions Specialist with JustTech out of Winchester, Virginia, as you consider him to handle your company’s needs for a copy machine or facsimile solutions. Mr. Wolfe is a customer service representative par excellence. He has performed superbly in every aspect in his position with JustTech as our Xerox copier representative since 2019. The last three (3) years have provided opportunity for me to see Mr. Wolfe is intelligent, hard-working and always dependable. He possesses extensive knowledge and familiarity with the copier industry and has also helped our office transition to electronic facsimile, thereby saving a lot of paper, as we now choose if a fax needs printing or not.

In closing, I simply say that I am most confident that Mr. Wolfe and his other colleagues at JustTech will serve the community and businesses well in any capacity to which they are contracted. I highly recommend JustTech.

-Sarona Irvin, Shenandoah County Circuit Court (Woodstock, VA)

The tech is so nice and takes care of our needs well.  He doesn’t live far from our office.

Pat Giles, County of Rappahannock Commonwealth Attorney

Hi Alex, I’d just like to take the time to say “thank you” to you and your team for the exceptional service we receive. It’s a real pleasure not to have to call and order toner, toner waste cartridges, etc. (and for these items to arrive automatically). It takes a load off my mind and they seem to arrive at just the right time! Keep up the good work!

Marsha Stiner, Town of North Beach (North Beach, MD)

We can focus on what we need to get done in a more timely and efficient manner with the help of Just·Tech.  We continue to look at new ways to improve our efficiency and transparency to our constituents in the Town, and Just·Tech is our “go-to” company to flesh out how we can improve.  We have a great working relationship, and we receive help quickly when we have important issues that need to be addressed.

Teri Dimsey, Town of Leonardtown (Leonardtown, MD)

During the recent cyberattack we experienced, we were very complimentary of Just·Tech’s approach to working with the staff on bringing us back to normal operations.  We do highly recommend Just·Tech and look forward to seeing what new methods they will be putting into place in the future that will increase our productivity and competence in today’s technological world.

Teri Dimsey, Town of Leonardtown (Leonardtown, MD)

Just·Tech works with many state & local organizations and has observed some common challenges:

Maintaining and often reducing printing budgets.

With Xerox Standard Accounting, controlling printing costs on many multifunction copiers is simple to set-up and to manage.  Xerox’s User Permissions provides advanced control over printing per user, time of day or week and per application.  For example, would you like certain users to print in color and certain users to print in black & white?  Or for all webpages to be printed in black & white and PowerPoint slides to be printed 4-up?   These policies are easy to set up with User Permissions and Application Defaults.

PrintAnyWay provides even more control and security with office printing and copying. This solution also simplifies print charge backs to clients. PrintAnyWay is a print management software provided exclusively by JustTech in the United States. PrintAnyWay provides full functionality including authentication, accounting & Follow-User printing for compatible Xerox multifunction printers and desktop printers and accounting only for any brand of multifunction printer and desktop printer.

The PrintAnyWay Mobile App provides users an additional interface for authentication and to manage their secure printing in compatible Xerox multifunction printers and desktop printers. New features to the mobile app allow users to verify their print history, check final job status, printing date and time, as well as the number of pages printed.

Increased security in the office and at all points of access to the network.

Xerox Image Overwrite Security provides a triple pass overwrite algorithm to ensure all data is unrecoverable after every copy, print, scan and fax job is performed on a multifunction printer.  When performed after every job, Image Overwrite is fast.  Also, Xerox is the only vendor to provide McAfee built-in security that protects the multifunction printers from outside threats.  Nothing can run on the device unless whitelisted.

With our Network Security Solution, we protect your network against internal and external threats.  This advanced firewall protection provides wireless protection as well which is often an overlooked vulnerability in customers’ networks.  When employees and guests connect to clients’ WiFi, the clients’ networks are susceptible from anything on these mobile devices.  With our solution, new threats are protected against as they are discovered ensuring you have the latest protection for your network and that information is secure and safe!

Our DNS Protection for workstations (computers & laptops) is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats (including many ransomware type attacks) on the internet wherever users go. This solution blocks malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. This is an additional layer of network security and content filtering and highly recommended to prevent intruders.

New software and firmware is released on a regular basis for copiers and printers.  This software is traditionally updated manually by the end user which can leave devices with out of date software and networks susceptible to recent network threats. With the Firmware Connect App, when firmware and software updates are released by Xerox and approved by JustTech, updates to the copiers and printers are overnight.  This ensures devices have the latest software updates which include security patches for newly discovered threats and that information on the network is protected!

Creating meaningful scanning workflows.

Creating and following a meaningful scanning workflow is important for many state & local organizations.  With our Xerox multifunction printers, there are many scanning options available, including: scan to email, network scan, scan to folder and scan to cloud programs including DropBox, Office365 and SharePoint.

Quick response time for service concerns on office printing technology.

Just·Tech provides local support and fast response for service concerns on your office printers and copiers.  Our technicians are highly skilled, have much experience and receive ongoing training.  During a service visit, we proactively inspect your entire unit to ensure there are no other issues.

Increasing efficiencies with office printing process.

With our managed print solutions, we can centralize the management of all your desktop printers from multiple manufacturers (Xerox, HP, Brother & Dell). We can take control of your print activities and reduce your costs by up to 30%.  We also provide automatic supply ordering and replenishment with no user intervention required.

With the Support Connect App, users can request service, request supplies, provide feedback and order Xerox Eco Boxes for easy return and recycling of supplies right from the Xerox device user interface!  This simple and easy process also provides faster resolution to incidents as needed information to resolve the task is automatically sent from the app including the serial number, meter reads, all supply statuses (including toner, drum, fuser, etc) and all fault codes.

Seamlessly transitioning to a secure cloud fax solution.

Most major phone carriers have announced upcoming discontinuation of analog phone lines and many clients will still need a way to fax in the future. Faxing with Voice Over IP is highly unreliable and not supported by multifunction printer manufacturers. JustTech provides a reliable and secure cloud faxing solution for clients. Many organizations are also moving to cloud fax services because of the significant monthly cost savings as compared to having an analog fax line and the cost savings of not having long distance costs.

With all cloud fax services, clients have to scan in documents and then attach them to an email or upload them to a web portal to send the documents via fax.  A complaint commonly received from clients is how long it takes to fax hard copy documents with cloud fax services because of the multiple steps involved (scan, upload, etc.).  The CloudFax Connector App for Xerox multifunction printers solves this challenge and allows sending hard copy documents through JustTech’s Cloud Fax service as easy as it is with a traditional fax.  Simply scan in and fax!

Providing a simple way for guests to print from their mobile devices.

With the free @PrintByXerox app, users email from their mobile phone or tablet the documents they wish to print to and they receive a code back. The user types the code into the free Print@PrintByXerox App on the Xerox multifunction printer and the documents are instantly printed. Documents to be printed are pulled from the cloud and the user’s mobile device does not have to be on the client’s network. This solution provides an easy and secure mobile print solution!

Maintaining the use of Scan to Email.

Studies have shown that Scan to Email is still the #1 way users scan on multifunction printers in the United States. A break in the connection of Scan to Email can be caused by several reasons including a password change for the email account and settings changed by the email provider. When this happens, Scan to Email stops working and the user has to place a service call. The free Email Connect App (developed by JustTech) allows the user to enter in their email address and password and then select their email provider on the Xerox multifunction printer. Updated Scan to Email settings are instantly written to the Xerox device and Scan to Email is again working!

Migrating on-premises print servers to the cloud.

For many clients, moving servers to the cloud is a key objective and for some, the only on-premises servers remaining are print servers. JustTech provides a reliable and secure cloud print server solution for clients. This cloud solution simplifies printer driver management and eliminates on-premises print servers and also improves network security. JustTech’s Cloud Print Server is a true SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides companies of every size an easy to use, scale, serverless printing infrastructure. This platform supports native print drivers while keeping print jobs local.

Greater productivity with proactive network support and seamless 3rd party software integration.

We provide network management and IT solutions to many organizations.  We specialize in proactive support & cloud security services and provide remote and on-site support.  Many state & local organizations utilize 3rd party software for day to day operations and we have vast experience in integrating unique software.

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