Save 3 Cents on Color Prints

//Save 3 Cents on Color Prints

Save 3 Cents on Color Prints

Purchase or lease a new Xerox multifunction copier/printer and save 3 cents on each color print for the first 3 months!

There are many benefits of printing in color, including:

  • Increases Attention by 82%
  • Improves Remembrance by 39%
  • Increases Comprehension by 73%
  • Saves Time Reading Documents by 70%
  • Gains Readership by 80%
  • Can Boost Survey Participation by 78%

Summer in Color 7.6.14 AlexThis offer is valid with a new lease or purchase agreement with a Southern Solutions’ maintenance agreement on the following models:

Offer ends July 31st!

Contact us today for more information!



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