On July 2nd, JustTech and a small percentage of our 3,000 clients were victims of a massive cyber-attack that has been reportedly attributed to a criminal gang in Russia known as REvil.  In this attack, REvil actors utilized a vulnerability in an industry leading security tool (Kaseya) to deliver ransomware to hundreds and possibly thousands of victim organizations and users. Many other managed service providers were reportedly affected as well as several larger organizations including Virginia Tech.

JustTech’s preparedness for such an attack and our speedy recovery has been well-documented in multiple national and local news outlets. Here are two:

Many other managed service providers have reached out to us to share their support and request information on how we handled the recovery. As one provider put it, “We all use Remote Monitoring & Management tools and it is now apparent that this could happen to any one of us.” At this time, we are not using Kaseya for Remote Monitoring & Management and are performing updates manually. JustTech is in the process of researching secure options to use for our clients moving forward.

Multiple of JustTech’s affected clients have shared with us in the wake of this attack that they really appreciated the speed in which we acted. Those comments, text messages, emails and phone calls of support have meant so much to our team as they labored to restore our clients’ systems. JustTech was able to bring almost all of our clients up to a functional state within 10 calendar days-which was 5 business days, 4 weekend days and 1 holiday. Our team worked around the clock on the recovery for the first 2-3 weeks after the attack and are still following up on items as they arise, but we are now approaching the full recovery. JustTech maintains offsite encrypted backups for our clients, and those who were impacted will fully recover without paying the requested $45,000 ransom per device (which would have totaled over 45 million dollars) to the criminals behind this attack.

In a short time since the attack, our team has already performed over 3,000 hours of IT support related to the recovery. Our clients are our priority, we greatly value our relationship with our clients, and we are invested in promptly recovering and restoring the systems impacted by this attack.  JustTech will not be charging clients for the work that our team is performing related to the recovery and restoration of the systems impacted by this attack.

We hope that all governments in the world take seriously the growing threat of cyber-attacks that might be coming from within their countries. As a managed services provider, we have to navigate the threat landscape as it is now, not as we might wish it to be. JustTech will be doing a full assessment of lessons learned during this attack and recovery, including places we may be able to add still greater efficiency and speed to our response if something similar should happen again. JustTech will also encourage clients to take action that may help harden their systems and increase resiliency, for example exploring opportunities to move systems and tools to the cloud. We are committed to helping our clients identify opportunities to lessen the impact of cyber-attacks given the current and growing threat they present.

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