12 Years of Providing Managed IT with a 95% Client Retention Rate

JustTech has been providing managed IT solutions for 12 years with a higher than industry average client retention rate of 95%. JustTech began offering IT support to our clients in 2010 because of repeated requests for IT assistance from clients. Business processes were rapidly transitioning to a full or partial [...]

The IT & Print Partner for the Office, Virtual & Hybrid Workforce

Before the Covid-19 global pandemic, JustTech supported many of our clients' employees who may have worked virtual or off-site. Since the pandemic began, IT & print support requests from employees who are working virtually increased significantly. In the initial weeks & months following, JustTech set up many Virtual Private Networks [...]

Organizations Need to Develop a Comprehensive Network Security Strategy

With the recent cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline where a ransom was paid of nearly 5 million dollars to retrieve files in order to restart the pipeline, it is important that businesses of all sizes ensure their network security strategy is up to date and comprehensive. One intrusion by [...]

Navigating Through the Global Pandemic Together

When looking at our 15 biggest and most impactful moments from the last 15 years, it is hard to ignore the elephant in the room, the Covid-19 global pandemic. JustTech has had to navigate through the global pandemic both internally for our own company and also to help assist our [...]

Growth with Managed IT Solutions since 2010

Seeing needs from our clients for enhanced IT support, JustTech launched our Network & IT Solutions division in 2010 providing managed IT and supplemental IT services to our clients. Since then we have seen huge growth with this service in terms of the number of clients, capabilities, team members and [...]

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