We sat down with Bob Klein, the Senior Solutions Advisor at our Morgantown location. Bob gave us some insight on what he loves about JustTech along with what he does in his spare time.

Hi, Bob! Thanks for chatting with us today. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve lived in Morgantown my whole life and I’ve been associated with Xerox for 43-years. I have three children and six grandchildren. Family is and always has been #1!

Through Xerox, I have made a lot of friends; most who started out as customers.

That’s wonderful! What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my grandchildren. As I said, family is my #1. We like to travel a good bit and enjoy going out to dinner. I just love being with the family. We’re Pittsburgh and Mountaineer sports fans.

How did you first hear about JustTech?

Well, we were both a part of the same region – Josh and I were both Xerox agents. I started my company “Document Solutions” and really that’s how we both became associated with each other.

You both had the same passion, it sounds like! How did you come to be a part of JustTech?

The industry is really changing and I’m winding down – however, JustTech is in expansion mode.

My daughter came to work with me; she and Josh are the same age – they have a lot of mutual friends. Josh and I also had the same manager at Xerox – so when we became agents for Xerox, he had expanded into a smaller agency and was starting the growth process.

We started talking and one thing led to another and it made sense for both of us. Josh, being from West Virginia and going to WVU, he really wanted to have a presence in West Virginia and we were kind of a missing piece to fill in the story.

Who is JustTech to you?

JustTech to me is a very valued partner; Not so much my employer – they add value to help expand what we do. They are a tremendous resource, as they do what a lot of what larger companies can do, but they have the small business family feel that we have had our whole career.

What is your role here at JustTech?

My role in JustTech is Senior Solutions Advisor. I manage larger accounts that I’ve had for a long time. I also mentor some new hires – kind of a jack of all trades.

With that being said, what are your main responsibilities?

I’m around to help transition this for the next 5-10 years to make it smooth for both the customers and the people who work at JustTech. I have a lot of relationships and contacts from living here and it’s nice to help build upon that.

You’ve created great relationships while working at JustTech! What’s your favorite thing about working here?

I think it was going to a company that really focuses on their values and those values being the same we held. Customer and employee. We really share the same ideals.

If a company is considering working with JustTech, what would you tell them?

To sit down and talk to Josh personally is all you have to do. It’s easy to see what kind of person he is and when you talk to people who work with him, they all reiterate the things he says.

You had experience in the industry before joining the JustTech team, but how has JustTech changed your sales process throughout the years?

JustTech has a lot more offerings than we ever used to have – they have a lot of IT solutions. When we were smaller we could only offer boxes and hardware from Xerox – now we have an expanded opportunity for us to have all the extra services that we couldn’t offer before.

Thank you for sitting down with us, Bob! If a customer needed to reach you, what is the best way to contact you?

Our toll-free number 304-291-5775 (ext 1532).

Thanks for all you do for our company, Bob! It was a pleasure getting to know you better.