Recently, we have seen more and more clients transition from analog fax to cloud fax because of the many financial and productivity enhancing benefits. Cloud fax technology has came a long way in recent years in terms of capabilities and security. Spiceworks published a survey that shared that 89% of respondents’ companies still use fax.  Also, in a recent study by IDC, 82% of respondents said fax usage increased over the previous year.  Fax has and continues to be a popular form of communication for small to medium size businesses in all industries including: Financial, Healthcare, K-12 & Higher Education, Religious, Engineering, Not For Profit, State & Local, Real Estate & Insurance.

With JustTech’s cloud fax solution, clients can reduce costs by eliminating the expensive analog phone line, increase security of their documents and increase efficiency of the sending and receiving fax process. JustTech has partnered with eGoldFax in delivering their cloud fax solution but can also work with any cloud fax provider if a client should request it.

With JustTech’s solution, there is no need for an analog phone line and no long distance fees. This solution can reduce the number of fax numbers needed at an office as the limitation on DID numbers is on who should be receiving faxes. Many accounts have received great cost savings from consolidating phones lines. Any individual in an account can send a cloud fax from 1 DID number.

With most Cloud Fax Services, clients have to scan in documents and then attach them to an email or upload them to a web portal to send the documents via fax.  A complaint commonly received from clients is how long to takes to fax hard copy documents with Cloud Fax Services because of the multiple steps involved (scan, upload, etc.).  The CloudFax Connector App for Xerox multifunction printers solves this challenge and allows sending hard copy documents through a Cloud Fax Service as easy as it is with a traditional fax.  Simply scan in and fax!

So it looks and feels just like traditional faxing but costs half as much!

Documents are sent via secure TLS transmission.  TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the successor protocol to the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology and is an improved version. It works in much the same way as the SSL, using encryption to protect the transfer of data and information. A encrypted digital archive is available of all sent and received fax documents and this data is stored for up to 10 years.  JustTech’s cloud fax solution meets the requirements of HIPAA, NIST, FedRAMP and many others.

With JustTech’s cloud fax solution, outgoing faxes can be sent via email by typing the outgoing fax number ( or sent through an app on Xerox multifunction printers.  JustTech created this app and it is available on Xerox’s App Gallery Website. In Q4, nearly 200 CloudFax apps were installed by clients across the country. Many of these installs were from clients of JustTech in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Ohio & Kentucky and many were other Xerox users who saw the value the app provides!

The CloudFax Connector is compatible with many Xerox ConnectKey enabled models including the WorkCentre 7800 series (7830, 7835, 7836, 7845, 7855 and 7856), WorkCentre 7200 series (7220 & 7225), WorkCentre 5800 series (5845, 5855, 5865, 5875 and 5890), WorkCentre 5945/5955, AltaLink C8000 series (C8030, C8035, C8045, C8055 and C8070), AltaLink B8000 series (B8045, B8055, B8065, B8075 and B8090), AltaLink C8100 series (C8130, C8135, C8145, C8155 and C8170), AltaLink B8100 series (B8145, B8155 and B8170), VersaLink C7000 series (C7020, C7025 and C7030), VersaLink B7000 series (B7025, B7030 and B7035), WorkCentre 7970, VersaLink B405, VersaLink B605, VersaLink B615, VersaLink C405, VersaLink C505, VersaLink C605, and WorkCentre 6655.

With many workers still working at remote locations on a occasional or full time basis, cloud fax will ensure all documents are received promptly and not missed.

To reduce costs, increase security and increase efficiency, contact us today about JustTech’s cloud fax solution!

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