JustTech’s CloudFax Connector App for Sending Documents

JustTech provides Cloud Fax to our clients that is secure, reliable and feature rich. As analog phone lines are being eliminated, clients need a reliable and secure method of faxing. JustTech has also created an app for Xerox multifunction printers that allows for sending of hard copy documents through JustTech's [...]

Analog Lines are being Eliminated and JustTech’s Cloud Fax is the Answer

Many telecom carriers are in the process of eliminating POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines because the technology is outdated and more expensive to support. POTS lines are traditional analog phone lines that businesses use for voice, fax, DSL, and alarm lines to name a few. Many organizations have already [...]

Fax to Multiple Numbers with JustTech’s CloudFax Connector App

JustTech recently released the ability to fax to multiple numbers at once using the CloudFax Connector App. Now, in one fax session, the same document can be sent to multiple fax destinations without having to manually complete the process over and over. Many organizations are moving to cloud fax services [...]

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Introducing PRINT TO FAX with eGoldFax Cloud Solution

With JustTech's Cloud Fax Solution, hard copy documents may be sent using the JustTech CloudFax Connector App on Xerox multifunction printers. Digital documents may be emailed as attachments and converted automatically to a fax transmission. JustTech uses eGoldFax for the cloud fax service for clients. eGoldFax just announced their new [...]

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Growth with Xerox App Solutions over the last 7 Years

7 years ago, JustTech began developing apps for Xerox multifunction printers and looked at areas where apps could bring more value. Apps had been used for many years on smart phones and tablets but it was a relatively new thought to include them on copiers. JustTech's team began to brainstorm [...]

Reduce Costs & Improve Performance with Cloud Fax

Recently, we have seen more and more clients transition from analog fax to cloud fax because of the many financial and productivity enhancing benefits. Cloud fax technology has came a long way in recent years in terms of capabilities and security. Spiceworks published a survey that shared that 89% of respondents’ [...]

Introducing the Xerox AltaLink C8100 & B8100 Series

Xerox recently released the next generation of their highly popular AltaLink series of multifunction printers, the Xerox AltaLink C8100 series and the Xerox AltaLink B8100 series. The only difference between the C8100 series and the B8100 series is that the C8100 series has the ability to print in color. Common [...]

42% of Small Businesses Need More IT Help

According to a recent Verizon Business survey, 42% of small businesses would like to receive IT support & expertise as they navigate through the recovery of COVID-19 and evolve to the new normal.  The study also found 43% plan on expanding their businesses through digital and related technology and 30% [...]

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