Clay Walker is now Manager of Technical Support Services

Joshua Justice (Founder, Owner, President & CEO at JustTech) and Charles Justice (Senior Vice President & COO at JustTech) are pleased to announced the appointment of Clay Walker to Manager of Technical Support Services at JustTech. Clay Walker joined JustTech as a Senior Technical Analyst in 2012 following a remarkable career working [...]

Record Month of Supporting More Than 18 Million Prints

In the month of October, JustTech provided service support & supply replenishment for 18,679,422 copies & prints made on thousands of copiers, printers and multifunction printers across 7 states and Washington, D.C.!  That is over 18 million copies and prints!  With our managed print service, JustTech’s local help desk provides remote [...]

The IT & Print Partner for the Office, Virtual & Hybrid Workforce

Before the Covid-19 global pandemic, JustTech supported many of our clients' employees who may have worked virtual or off-site. Since the pandemic began, IT & print support requests from employees who are working virtually increased significantly. In the initial weeks & months following, JustTech set up many Virtual Private Networks [...]

Navigating Through the Global Pandemic Together

When looking at our 15 biggest and most impactful moments from the last 15 years, it is hard to ignore the elephant in the room, the Covid-19 global pandemic. JustTech has had to navigate through the global pandemic both internally for our own company and also to help assist our [...]

Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs with our Managed Print Solution

Seeing a need from our clients in improving efficiency and reducing costs, JustTech began providing managed print services in 2010 and provided users with the same experience with their desktop printers that they received from their multifunction copier. For 4 years before this, JustTech had grown quickly in proving affordable [...]

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Huge Month for Xerox Equipment Sales

In June, JustTech saw a huge month for Xerox copier, printer & multifunction printer sales to clients surpassing 1.1 million in a single month!  This is only the 2nd time in JustTech's history of exceeding a million dollars of equipment sales in a stand-alone month.  This unbelievable month included 194 [...]

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