JustTech Provides Network & IT Security Assessments

As part of our Network & IT Solutions division, JustTech provides Network & IT Security Assessments. A network assessment is a detailed examination of your entire IT infrastructure, including your servers, computers, laptops, tablets, routers, switches, cabling, and monitors as well as your documented security policies, device performance, and management oversight [...]

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High Client Retention with JustTech’s Managed IT Services

JustTech has a high client retention rate with our managed IT services & network solutions of 95% as compared to the industry average retention of 80%. We attribute this to our amazing team members, relevant solution offerings, emphasis on security, ongoing communication and wonderful clients. JustTech provides Network & IT [...]

The President’s Recent Statement on Protecting Against Cyberattacks

Recently, The White House released a statement on taking action now to protect against potential cyberattacks. The statement highlights how the current administration "has prioritized strengthening cybersecurity defenses to prepare our Nation for threats since day one" and "has warned repeatedly about the potential for Russia to engage in malicious [...]

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Cyberattacks on Small to Medium Size Businesses are Increasing

Cyberattacks on SMBs (small to medium size businesses) are increasing at a rapid rate. In a recent report by Coro, companies in 6 key industries were observed for their increase in cyberattacks between Q1 2021 to Q4 2021. Transportation related companies had a 195% average increase in attacks. Healthcare related [...]

JustTech Provides Value Added IT Services to Organizations

JustTech provides value added IT services and solutions to organizations so that those organizations can focus on their core business. These services may supplement the internal duties performed by an in-house IT department or they may be performed as part of JustTech's managed IT solution. Value Added IT Services include: [...]

Protection and Recovery Solutions with a Comprehensive IT Strategy

When developing a comprehensive IT strategy, clients should look for not only ways to keep their network infrastructure protected but also ways to help them recovery quickly should a cyber-attack occur. In 2021, there was a 50% increase in overall attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020 according [...]

12 Years of Providing Managed IT with a 95% Client Retention Rate

JustTech has been providing managed IT solutions for 12 years with a higher than industry average client retention rate of 95%. JustTech began offering IT support to our clients in 2010 because of repeated requests for IT assistance from clients. Business processes were rapidly transitioning to a full or partial [...]


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